Thursday , January 28 2021

The color of the sea will change at the end of the century due to climate change

In 2100 more than 50% oceans it will have changed color because climate change: y green and green regions. This is marked by an inquiry into Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

The study published on this Monday (February 4, 2019) in Communication Nature concludes that the global warming is important changes in populations phytoplankton, aquatic vegetables, something that will affect the color of the oceans.

The results predict the green areas become more blue, reflecting the decrease in levels phytoplankton – and life in general – and green even greener, which would show a number of phytoplankton species.

Color of ocean depending on how sun rays interact with components water Water molecules absorb almost all sunlight, excluding the laser part of the spectrum, which means that areas of lesser sea are considered intense blue.

In contrast, phytoplankton contains chlorophyll, which is more green and less green, so the regions are rich algae They are green.
The researchers developed a global model which efelychu different growth and interaction species of phytoplankton, and how they will vary as the temperature increases.

They also succeed in reproduction the way it is phytoplankton absorbs and reflects light and how it affects color oceans, taking into account the climate change variable.

The group of researchers managed to improve a computer model used to predict changes levels of phytoplankton when the temperature rises a water

In addition, they have added a novel element: the possibility of estimating light waves that absorbs and reflects ocean, depending on the number and types of organisms in a specific region.

According to this model, at the end of the century, appearance planed it will be changed. Stephanie Dutkiewicz, the project research director, predicts that changes between phytoplankton communities may change the food websites they are running, and they are considering a "potentially serious" problem.

However, Dutkiewicz admits the difficulty To determine whether these changes are the result of climate change or natural variability from scallops. "Event like The Child o The girl It would cause changes in chlorophyll because the number of nutrients that reach the system varies, "he said.

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