Saturday , January 22 2022

The City of Manchester City aims to speak the world: art work of 44 countries


Time ago, Mathematics and Angel Cappa Messages, in many conversations with Pep Guardiola, said that he would imagine what the ideal goal would be. The Argentineans agreed that it would be a dribbling and dribbling that left the spooker that was discharged on the floor, while Catalan thought something much harder as it included all the players

"The ideal goal for me would be one where the 11 players on my team pass the ball without the opponent being able to touch it and the last one will put it in the net," he said Guardiola, according to both witnesses in the book. Che Pep, which wrote journalist Vicente Muglia.

Artwork from 44 touches.
Artwork from 44 touches.

This story comes from Manchester City's third goal against Manchester United, a defeat of the city that ended with a victory and the front of the Citizens.

The one marked by Germany was Gundogan Artwork of 44 touches, where you could see the City's pure protection, with players who play first and move constantly when searching for places to highlight their markers.

Guardiola celebrates the victory with players, Agüero and Gundogan.
Guardiola celebrates the victory with players, Agüero and Gundogan.

The world talks about that drama that made the everlasting competition look ridiculous, in a confrontation of styles: United much more defensive and playing against the absolute football of the City, which won the jackpot.

With this victory, Manchester City is leading 32 points and the Premier League, and then Liverpool (30 points) and Chelsea (28 points). Meanwhile, Manchester United is ranked eighth with 20 points, with a collection of 5 earnings, 4 losses and 2 draws.

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