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The challenging game of Cristiano Ronaldo and the beautiful commemoration of the Juventus coach for Diego Simeone – 02/20/2019


The Portuguese Juventus from Turin Cristiano Ronaldo He did not answer the questions of the journalists after defeating his 2-0 team against Atletico Madrid at the Wanda Metropolitan Stadium.

However, he reminded correspondents of the five titles of Champions League.

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"Five Championship, Five"said Ronaldo, showing five fingers in his hand as he walked, not giving answer to the questions of journalists in the Madrid stadium mixed zone corridor.

For his part, Juventus coach, Massimiliano Allegri, warned on Wednesday the complexity of playing against Atlético de Diego Simeone, a team that "for eight years has made all its competitors play bad", saying that the team will have to "make a great game" in the game back.

"In the first half, we played well, the game was difficult, it gave us a little, we did not do well in the second, we had to devote this game, train play our own games, play the Premier Games and prepare for the second leg. To come back, we have to do a great game and have a great night, "Allegri said at a press conference .

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"To say that we do not really want to see it, the same game we played four or five years ago against Atlético, we have not managed to score in the first half," lamented Allegri, who refused to A team has left the field with confidence to feel better and insist on the merit of rojiblanco.

"You have to see who's playing. Atlético de Madrid is a team that has played all of its competitors for eight years since. Against us we have to be patient, precisely in the paths and strong, because Atlético is a different team of the rest. When you play against it, there are no big opportunities, "he said.

"They make you play bad and the game is slower, it's very simple, they do not leave anywhere for you, they are very strong, and Turin, you have to play a game with much more technical and faster detail, it's not about intensity. It's about accuracy, "he added.

Allegri admitted that the second half of his team was "bad": "We've fallen asleep, we've been behind them, this has not happened in the first half, if you've come here and wait for a nice game and have fun, not such. When you play against them, ask yourself what we have played or not? & # 39; We were wrong in the second part"

And it did not fit the beat in any player: "Mandzukic has not been missing, they've all been missing in the second half compared to the first (… ) I believe that Cristiano has played a good game. We have made a mistake as a team, this is a lesson about the return, "he assured the technician.

"I have a lot of confidence for the second leg, we have to prepare it in the best way, this game must be left behind, and when I said there are eight teams that can be in the half half of the League phase the Champions, is not to protect myself. One of the hardest ones, which creates more problems, "he added.

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