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The CGT will not call a strike, but it's asking that every private company raises $ 5,000 – 08/11/2018


The bonus of 5 thousand pesos discussed by the CGT with the government this week and then expanding to the board of entrepreneurs was the instrument that unemployment strike that never happened from a fun expression of Carlos Acuña, a general secretary, after the deed realized by Day of Loyalty in Tucuman.

The service leader of the service stations was ignored by the full workplace meeting. After the meeting, the engineer Omar Maturano was the first of the driving members to give by reducing the possibility of a measure of force. However, the CGT wants to renegotiate some points of the draft of the decree that came to the debate board at the Azopardo headquarters.

The co-assembly Roberto Fernandez, one of the leaders who hold the key to guarantee the effectiveness of a strike, has already warned about the small assumption to go to unemployment.

In the CGT, they accept that the bonuses only reach the private sector, with the exception of domestic and rural workers, with special regimes. While the state, Andrés Rodríguez, head of UPCN, re-drafting for these hours, reopening equality. It is still discussed if the employees are state companies they will receive the bonus.

"This decree we expect the President's signature to expect 5,000 pesos in hand of the worker who will allow the wheel of use to be turned off, "said Héctor Daer, coequiper Acuña in the presentation before press.

In the afternoon yesterday, a draft of the decree that Mauricio Macri would sign up in the next hours in Azopardo was analyzed. During the meeting, Daer discussed directly with the Ministry of Production and Labor the possibility of adjusting the points objected to by the workers' center.

Therefore, the head of health asked that the bond is not owed to the entire private sector and paid in two equal installments, the first, with the wages of November; and second with some January.

"It can not be based on a future or any other issue that was distributed", he warned, after confirming that there will be no unemployment. "It's for every sector, for those who have updated and for those who can not reopen," says Daer. Data: for the CGT, 75% of unions under contract have not updated jointly.

Could there be an exemption for non-payment? "Said Daer. He replied: "The obligation is to pay it; Today there are 5000 pesos above the table and any variable must come out of negotiation and that the trade union sector can take that value as a basis for discussion ". And he was confident that the government accepts: "It is only the signature of the decree that is, the power of the Executive, because it has already discussed."

The decree will consider that those companies must notify the government of the effort to dismiss employees from before. For the CGT, it's about "safeguarding" that will regulate until March 31st.

"We already know that businesses do not support it and we have a government that has already given the best anti-transfer law", Daer predicted, opening the umbrella.

So, he rebuilt this diary, there was only one crossing at the meeting. Julio Piumato, judicially asked, the bond was hard gaining the rest of the rest. Maturano gave words his colleagues considered. He suggested to the court that his equality had closed to 40% and no-one in his sector pays Profit "he does not make any sense to complain"

But the bond negotiation causes other cracks. Professor Sergio Romero, secretary of Educational Policies, chose to miss the Board of Directors. Question the bond and consider that you have not fought for a bonus for your sector.

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