Thursday , July 7 2022

The case of Ebola in the Congo causes hundreds of deaths and cannot contain the epidemic


Since the announcement of the case in August last year, the disease has already claimed that more than a thousand victims and many others have been infected. The management of epidemics is difficult by refusing the people and the presence of militia.

Y Ebola continue to affect Africa. In August 2018, in the Democratic Republic of Congo state the cause of the disease that they have already registered 1209 has died a 1816 confirmed infections, according to data from Ministry of Health.

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From the deaths, t 1121 cases tested positive in laboratory tests, while the rest were "likely", they said. The authorities of the country have the view that this case is "The most fatal part in the history of the DRC and the second in the world for deaths and cases after the epidemic in West Africa in 2014 " t.

Ebola virus It is transmitted by direct contact with blood to contaminate and fluid the body t. It causes hemorrhagig fever and can reach a 90% mortality rate if it is not treated on time.

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Since August the previous year, almost 200,000 people have been immunized, according to the Ministry of Health. But managing epidemics has been damaged for many communities being refused treatment. In addition, the presence of rebellious militia in the area makes the task difficult.

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