Tuesday , August 16 2022

The Buenos Aires Stock Exchange looks at fluctuating volatility


Y Referral S & P Merval from Buenos Aires dropped 0.8 percent to 36,198.23 points After showing a little small interstation increase with a very small volume.

Y The dollar comes almost 4% in the last week due to dollarization portfolios, which forced the central bank to increase rates, to eliminate liquidity and interfere in a dollar future.

This scenario is recorded at times when the MSCI index provider keeps Argentina in the index of "borderline" markets, which is an unexpected movement that would allow the country to be in two overlapping indexes on after having "marketable" markets status in the year. past

"This decision will not change the emerging category that arrived last year and will start managing next May, in other words, it's good news because it can stay in both indexes, so it will quote in an index that mixes both categories and in which Peru and Colombia too, for example, "said Personal Investments Portfolio.

He added that "although the situation due to the devaluation of the currency has reduced the GDP per head, the Government explained that this is not bad news."

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