Monday , January 17 2022

The Buenos Aires Stock Exchange continues to rise after a week on the rise and the Merval reached a record


In a week marked by particular optimism in international markets about a possible exit from the pandemic, the Buenos Aires Bag keep at it. Leading stocks rose 1.77% this Friday, marking the fifth consecutive rise, and the best result in six months. In terms of the indicator Merval, reached a new record.

The Merval reached a new nominal record of 55,427.26 points, as detailed Agency NA. This week was driven by foreign marketers, mostly Wall Street, who were optimistic about progress in finding a vaccine against the coronavirus. For this reason, the leading shares of the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange accumulated earnings of almost 9% during the week, something that had not happened since May this year.

The papers that closed with the most notable gains were: Transener with 7.35%; BBVA Argentina, 5.01%; Mirgor, 4.46%; YPF, 4.21% and Grupo Financiero Valores, 4.18%. It is important to draw attention to the fact that YPF announced an adjustment of fuel prices this week to begin to cut the losses they suffered during the crisis due to the pandemic.

Country risk, the indicator measured by JP Morgan, also had a positive result for Argentina. The premium was 1,373 points, which meant a 0.4% reduction. as to the previous day. Also the bonds in pesos returned to delivery increase along the entire curve. Some even increased by over 2%.

The possibility of starting to find a way out of the pandemic crisis, due to the advances in the vaccine, was cause for celebration in international markets. This optimism also resonated locally. The price balance left 134 rises, 103 declines and 14 species unchanged. In terms of volume traded in shares, it reached 1,149.5 million pesos.

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