Thursday , May 19 2022

The Boca bar with a criminal record includes the Monumental


In the middle of the investigation by the abusive Afon supporters of the Mines in the previous one of the frustrating conflict of the Libertadores Glass, a picture of the Xeneize part of the cam appeared Monumental to be able to testify to the party.

This is Maximiliano Levy, which was held between 2011 and 2013 for helping to keep in hiding Maximiliano Mazzaro, then fake from Justice about a man's murder in Mataderos.

Although it was not in the zone of events, the Justice investigates whether Antonio Vespucio Liberti was simple to see the historical duel or if his presence was associated with the fact that there was more space. They must also decide whether other members of La 12 have also attended the duel.

The Levy went to the stalls with no clothing that was known to the local club and with a woman, who was wearing a shirt from the Nunez club.

Protect the bar

He shared the photo itself in his personal Facebook account and, seeing the effect, he defended himself. He showed a picture of the Admiral Brown membership card, who claims to be a fan of her, and writes a message: "So much trouble about taking a wife to a football match"

Picture of the Levy membership card at Admiral Brown.
Picture of the Levy membership card at Admiral Brown.

The Superclassic was killed by acts of violence and management problems by the authorities. The presence of this subject that recorded with a record that did not have their personal data (only seats sold to Millionaire members) gave a focus on the weak security operator that prevented play finishing punctually.

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