Tuesday , August 9 2022

The blondynes that catch the morochos | Picture …


The Ministry of Generation included an official presentation that made a refusal to refuse social networks. In graphing that "today 20 percent contribute 99.4 per cent of the collection" he chose a image of seven blond people, suitchairs and office chairs, mainly holding many individuals skin and dark hair, who would be who they do not pay taxes.

On Twitter, the users updated the details contained on page 7 of the "Product Transformation Laws" document and reiterated the differential matrix of the picture. They also highlight details such as "blonds" with faces and colored shoes, while "morochos" does not have a facial expression and their shoes are generally generic brown.

"Eye, there are also two ladies, because they are racist but with a sex perspective," said tweeter.

Regardless of the perception of the differential picture, the document raises potential labor reform periods promoted by the Cambiemos government after failing to receive that project in Congress. Among the postulates, the Ministry of Production offers cancellation of debts for breach of labor laws, reducing compensation and eliminating fines that penalize black work, among others.

These measures would be part of the so-called "productive strategy 2019", with the intention is to reduce the "cost of Argentina" from "structural reforms".

This is not the first time for the Government to access this type of errors in their graphic designs, many remember an ANSES document where the calendar of family allowances was shown with a family blond and fair sgin and & # 39; The payment timetable was that the general allowance for each child, on the other hand, brought a brunette girl's image, probably a single mother, with two little children and children with dark skin too.

In social networks, he also noted the likelihood of the image with experience of the times of the dictatorship where the business was crushed by the dollar ceiling and the labor costs floor, which came down with the start and blast.

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