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The bad image: caresses the face of his dead son through an overhead


February 21, 2019

Nora Sheehan posted a picture to raise awareness of the United States opiate epidemic. "Hold my son dead in my arm, this is the image of the addiction," he said.

United States, one of the countries with the biggest problems due to drug use. Nora Sheehan he knows and that's why he wants to open the heads of many young people who are in the situation where his son went through. She wants to help them so they will not end up in the same way: dying with an overdose.

"Catching my son dies in my arm, this is the image of dependence … This is what's happening"The woman expressed an image she shared when she was seen looking after her firstborn son. 29 years old.

The woman from Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, his son lost, Andrew Jugler, in October last year's product of the properties that overwhelmed its country.

The adolescent problems of this young man began in 2010. At that time the mechanism, its great passion, set aside and joining itself in drugs. Your sisters Candace a Haley They helped to help but everything was useless.

According to his mother's story, Andrew He started his reliance by taking the drugs killed oxycotin, and later came into the world heroin and fentanyl.

The situation came out of control when the boy moved with a group of friends to the forest ElktonMary His companion was also tight and, although they asked him to return from home, the application was useless.

"In September when I was taken to rehabilitate, he jumped out of the car for 60 mph. I stopped and started screaming, I asked him: & where do you want to be buried?& # 39; ", Nora told the Daily Mail website.

Death on the door Andrew on last October 7. The damage caused by the drug only allowed body identification ID two days later.

"This was the last thing I crossed my mind, I wanted to raise my son", Said the woman and with the image she published, added:"I hope that the sharing of this image will affect those who end up, but it is hoped that the rest of us will give us the best to be an alien i & the problem"

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