Friday , August 12 2022

The autopsy results of the man killed by his partner and covered with cement in a closet are known


Yesterday yesterday, after days of incognito, Gilda Rosalía Acosta Duarte, elderly or Paraguay, 47 years old, appeared at Villa Rita police station at Lomas de Zamora to admit murder of his partner, Richar Alejandro Sánchez Escobar, 19 years younger, mayor, native of the city of Ñemby as her, father of two children.

That acknowledged I killed him and covered with a concrete cement in a closet; The Scientific Police removed their remains from the wardrobe into the living room of the house they split into Corbacho Street in 1500, a plastic scene after burial by flying, with fluids that flow from body on earth.

The body was referred to the body Judicial Mutual Lomas de Zamora, with a case responsible for prosecutor Claudia Postiglioni, to achieve the autopsy.

In the middle of the afternoon, Infobae He agreed to the preliminary results of the study.

According to the study, Sánchez Escobar died due to strangulation by lasso, suffered by five times a white wire on his neck that was still present.

On the other hand, the head presented at least ten strong blasts. His hands were attached to a raffle: cement encompassed the body.

Acosta said he was killed in December, but sent Sánchez Escobar audio from WhatsApp member of the family last Monday at 9 in the morning, the last known communication. "We will contact, when I stepped on Paraguay, I'll let you know and we'll talk to you", Richar assured.

Gilda, on the other hand, will be investigated tomorrow by the Postiglioni Prosecutor. It is also expected that Gesell's camera will be made to the eldest son of Gilda fourteen: Acosta Duarte says he has killed his partner because the mayor has sexually abused the boy.

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