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The American Ford confirmed that it will close a factory in Brazil and the decision will affect the Argentine consensus market


The announcement was made by the company's president in the country. According to a statement to the Ford press, the decision is part of a global restructuring plan. Meanwhile, metal workers went on strike since Tuesday. In Argentina, the company will have an effect on selling some models that will no longer be produced.

The American Ford company announced that it will close its factory in the city of São Bernardo do Campo, in the province of São Paulo, until November this year. The information was confirmed by the president of Ford in Brazil and by the vice president Rogélio Golfarb at a meeting with ABC Metal Metal Union. He held the assembly workers and went on strike after Ford disclosed the information. The metallurgists meet next March 26th to define the next steps of the movement.

"We fought, we did everything possible to change the situation. And you can not publish something similar and think that you can continue to work. We will return to our homes and we will be back next week. We're on strike, "he said. José Quixabeira or Anchieta, general coordinator of the Ford Trade Committee Committee, according to a note published on the Gateway of the Single Central Workers (CUT).

In addition, the Single Confederation (CUT) confirms that the decision will affect 3,200 employees and a thousand external workers in a process of layoffs, but the impact on the productive chain of the sector can generate more than 10,000 redundancies.

According to a statement to the Ford press, the decision is part of a "global restructuring plan" as an important milestone to resume sustainable profitability in its operations in South America. " After the decision, the company will leave the truck market and produce the Fiesta car.

In 2018, Ford posted a profit of US $ 3.7 billion, a 52% reduction in the previous year.

Impact in Argentina

After closing a factory in Brazil, the company was informed that it will give the best to sell heavy trucks in Argentina, as well as suggesting the end of the Fiesta model, which will be sold in the country until the stock is be reduced in the consesai. Another destination
The company noted that operation in South America is not sustainable. "The decision comes to give the best to take part in the truck business after months to search for viable alternatives, including possible alliances and sales of the operation," they said in a statement.

At the industrial center on the outskirts of São Paulo, Cargo, F-4000 and F-350 cars are produced as well as the Fiesta. From the brand they have indicated to TN Autos that there is no fixed date yet to set up to give the best selling in Argentina.

The production in Sao Bernardo do Campo will end "sometime in 2019", but because of stock available, the vendors may be at least with units throughout the year (the same will be happens with the Fiesta). "Most trucks selling trucks also sell cars, we will all meet the best possible appraisal," the brand spokesperson told the media .

Regarding what will happen to the users of trucks once it ceases localized commercialization, the automaker explained that they will continue to offer all after-sales and maintenance services: "Ford will continue to Provide comprehensive support for customers in terms of warranty, parts and service. "

Source: Fato Brasil and TN

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