Tuesday , October 4 2022

The alleged confession of Cristiano Ronaldo is the case of leaking rape


Der Spiegel newspaper published pieces of alleged questionnaire that the Portuguese player gave his lawyers after the event with Kathryn Mayorga.

"He said he was not right to have sex, since we met, but I still got my finger," said Cristiano Ronaldo in the confession issued by the German media.

In addition, Cristiano Ronaldo would have accepted that, "he said she did not want, but she made it available. I did on my side, I was lying on my side on the bed and I permeated her; It was difficult, we did not change a situation. Five or seven minutes. It may have had some bruises when I got. He told me, "You're stupid, you are. I feel, you'll enable me later. "

The alleged facts would have been introduced in 2009 in Las Vegas.

"Everything that has been announced is false, they want to promote themselves alone, thanks to my name, I hope that the result of the investigation will be silent, as there is nothing weighing on my conscience, "said Cristiano Ronaldo months ago.

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