Tuesday , August 16 2022

"Tevez is coming to confirm what I always know, that the President is behind this"


Rodolfo Tailhade, national deputy, in the Maana Sylvestre program and made statements about research which deals with those discussed between Mauricio Macri and Carlos Tevez. The commercial relationship between President of the Nation a professional footballer This weekend was known through information transmitted in the media. I have more proof than I am contributing to the complaint, which already has a year of processing, said the Deputy.

Tailhade was the one who promoted this research and says he was still working on it. We added new elements that appeared from the new publications made by Emilia Delfino in Profile, she explained. In addition, he added that the most relevant is the presence of Tevez as the shareholder of the companies that continue with the secular parks. These proceeds are 70 million dollars, according to the Deputy.

The presence of the football player was not a surprise for the Deputy, he added, he said that the President is behind all of this. I do not see Gianfranco Macri nor any SIDECO or SOCMA workers inviting Tevez to give some millions of dollars in business, a question.

The specific reasons for the complaint suggest that a Spanish company of the name Isolux, historically a member of Macri, has received concessions of six secular parks, in 2016, but no one has done what he was committed to doing when winning the tender. Isolux asked the State to sell the companies, in this regard, Tailhade said that the State would have to object to the transfer and demand comply with what they have done in the tender or cancel it and return to hold the concessions.

The deputy national says that there is some complexity on behalf of the Government. The State left a blind eye, allowing the irregular Spanish transfer to Macri companies created specifically for the business, he said. Tailhade was more impressive in the information and decided that the company was sold elica to sell some of the Chinese, only at a time when Macri and Tevez were in China. The deputy's accusation has been applied as a State fraud.

In terms of identifying the owners of the sales companies, Tahilade said they were people near Macri and the City government, people who intervene in the process of issuing the City debt, close to Macri in one way or # 39 ; each other. At the end of the interview he opened a question mark. There are some interesting versions that say that Tevez is not the only one, that many members of the Boca Juniors squad were actually in the investment, it came to an end.

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