Tuesday , November 24 2020

Telefona and Facebook will bring 3G and 4G to rural areas in Latin America and create Internet for All & # 39;

Producers, operators and technology generally begin to disclose in the order of MWC2019 the first news of the fair in which Telephone, Facebook and banks such as IDB Invest and CAF have come together to create a new infrastructure operator to help solve the problem of rural mobile connectivity in Latin America.

Internet for All (IpT) is the name selected for the new infrastructure operator in Latam which intends to increase the broadband of broadband under business model that is sustainable and economically and that around 100 million people in the region can improve their access to the internet in rural areas.

The agreement will be subject to regulatory approval and seek to reduce the digital divide and ensure short-term inclusion through business innovation and new technologies and policies with new types of collaboration. Any mobile operator can use the 3G and 4G infrastructure used by IpT to market services.

Internet for All will be responsible for the use of a new infrastructure in a practical way to offer mobile internet coverage under a Wholesale model of the Network as a Service (NaaS) and it will depend on cloud architecture, automatic network design, open access radio (Open RAN) solutions and a combination of fiber networks and microwave optimization

Peru will be the first country to implement IpT

Internet for All Periw

About 20% of the population in the UK does not have adequate access to mobile internet in the region, so it will be a testing area for Internet development for all. lay the foundations to repeat this type of business model in other countries or Latin America and Caribbean.

Under this model of infrastructure use, and through projects that he has worked with companies such as Facebook, Telefónica del Perú has already managed to connect 2,000 communities in remote areas that benefit from 600,000 people.

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