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Tandil: they threw urine and lungs to the police in the middle of protest – 11/26/2018


In Tandil, October 1st Group – led by Griselda Altamirano and Jorge Lezica – has been hosting protests for plans and producing sources of work, referring to the local ANSES and the Labor Secretary, when protesting "Valid work, decent pay and best redundancies". The protests come from Monday in an unusual scene where protestants were throwing them wrin and shoulder to the Police.

How does all this conflict start?

"We are trying to get a serious working table, where they tell us they are going to use transformational plans to mitigate the crisis, but that they will also work to produce labor sources or in a productive system ; n useful in the region. We want the national state to take action on the matter, today in Nhandil, we have a clear example of what's happening with Metalurgics and we think it is necessary to take care of about the crisis. that's living in the city and in the region as a whole, "said Altamirano at the end of October as part of a break in Route 226.

One month later, on 20/11, the group started a day of entry door barrier to the Labor and Employment Secretary of the Nation and the seat of the Solutions Region.

In that framework, as reported Eco of Tandil, A large group of Federal Police personnel arrived at the building from 9 July to 800, the place freed and took delays to two men and nine women.

"Eleven people were transferred to the Federal Police headquarters in Maipú in 600 and the place was fenced. Minutes later an important group of exhibitors from the above group met at the location and location. They break the street in Maipú and Fort Independence who started protesting", told the media by Tandil.

In this frame, this Monday, that the demonstrators – claimed their peer's relief – throws lungs and lung buckets to police personnel. The video was broadcast by Tandil News.

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