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Syrpreis: Daniel Angelici proposed Guillermo Barros Schelotto to continue as Boca trainer – 12/12/2018

The disappointment for the fall in the finalists of the Libertadores Copper against the River is still an open wound in the body of Boca fans. In that context, Guillermo Barros Schelotto's circle as the club coach appeared to be fulfilled: it was hard to believe that his team confidence was confirmed where the obligation to win – and above all, against a lifetime competitor – Weighs several times more than thanking for doing something so difficult to reach the Libertadores Copa final. However, Wednesday was astonishing within that situation: Boca's president proposed the opportunity for him to continue as a DT for another year.

The manager and technician met this Wednesday to talk about what happened. And while both believed that his departure was already a decision, he found the offer to continue another year in his post. Does this mean that its continuity is secured? Not at all There are some stories that appear on the horizon. For that, The trainer was to confirm Friday what his decision will be.

During the game, which was very strong, Angelici explained to Guillermo that the contract could not be for more than one season. The idea is to not seal a commitment that extends beyond the mandate, by the end of 2019 there will be elections in Boca (where the current president can not be re-elected). In Twin this idea is not in principle, because it excuses the new bond for two years.

In the middle there is another situation related to the club's idol: Juan Román Riquelme. Roman was seen on Tuesday night in a report by Fox Sports where, far from the usual critical attitude towards Angelici and also sometimes distant from his former member of the team of the Guillermo Barros Schelotto team, he was grateful for the Cup campaign (although he did not fail to ensure that the defeat due to the team "Protected poorly").

Angelici has the idea of ​​bringing Riquelme to the club and intends to meet him on Wednesday to send him a bid for a football-related job that could be technical secretary or manager. Could Guillermo continue as a coach and be in a position with Román? It seems complicated.

In any case, we'll definitely have to wait until Friday here to know what the next step in the Moca Boca will be convinced. Guillermo has already received an unexpected offer when his ringbreak appeared unusually. Although the offer is one thing and another that provides the conditions that would be accepted. At present, in any case, an unknown was opened in a situation that seemed rarely towards the end.

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