Friday , August 19 2022

Susana Giménez's brother wants to leave: "I do not feel Argentin"


Brawd Susana Giménez, Patrick He shared an announcement on his social networks where he expressed his concern about the situation in the country.

The diva's brother was surprised by a message where he expressed his sadness and anger for not fully exploiting his status as a musician.

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In this situation, Patricio Giménez He confirms that he does not look with bad eyes to leave the country and question his nationality: "I do not even feel Argentina".

"I told you, a little ago, I'm thinking of going back to leaving Argentina… I do not know if I'm eager to retire in 25 years, I do not know if I'm eager to be an artist here after Cromañon with all Gambling politicians are afraid to enable space to play live. A guitarist doing bossa nova Not Callers! I was tired to close mediocrity of people who protect political parties with fewer reasons than football matches! ", begins the public letter shared by Patricio Giménez.

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Continue with soccer comparison With politics, the singer argued: "Because your team, even if your passion, say: this does not pay," and it must be highlighted & # 39 This is only when the policy (which should be much more logical), protect the jet even if they prove it to you! "

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