Sunday , April 11 2021

Susana Giménez: "Cristina Kirchner can not be a president or a rugby club"

Susana Giménez He returned to show himself far from supporting a possible candidacy Cristina Fernández de Kirchner for 2019. "I think it's a nonsense, a person with 17 criminal cases can not be a president or rugby club ", shoot & diva in a note with the program Pamela in the afternoon.

"It was not a very good year for Argentina, I believe that this has to happen and we have to tighten the belt. We will pay more taxes … anyway … but we have to leave, "he said when asking for the current situation in our country.

"Do you still bet on this Government?"the chronicle asked. "And … we have no other …", answered Susana. Recall that the most important figure of Telefe has severely criticized, in many opportunities, the Kirchner government. In the opposite, she is very close to President Mauricio Macri and has always supported her control.

Over time, he also referred to the possibility that Marcelo Tinelli would go to list and match the project in 2019 and the diva was unclear: "I was offensive when I read Those things … I think he has pasta to do what he does. It's a great businessman … "

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