Saturday , November 28 2020

Square Enix is ​​preparing anime for Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn

Cancel most Enix Square Enix for Final Fantasy XV; anyway, High Chapter It's still being developed. To promote such content, the company is preparing a similar anime that we saw shortly before launching the JRPG.

The production will be named Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn Prologue. As the name suggests it will focus on conflicts and games as the new DLC. For now, there is not much detail about the anime, but we know that it will be developed before the basics game's history.

He has not confirmed if Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn Prologue It will be an animated series of several chapters or it will have an extended period. There is only official production art shared in Square Enix, where we see a number of composers. I leave the images below:

If you're excited to find out more about Ardyn and your history, remember not to know more about the new anime. This is because Square Enix will present the first animation trailer tomorrow.

An advance to the production will be disclosed on December 21st. It is estimated that Soichi Masui and Shuji Miyahara will be responsible for the direction of anime. On his behalf, DLC Ardyn will reach all platforms in March 2019.

Final Fantasy XV It is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Here you will find all the news associated with this presentation.


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