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Spyro Reignited Trilogy, an incredible dragon

From the current stage for its invaluable Spider-Man PS4, there is no doubt the candidate for 2018 RETURN and one of the best and most common of the characters and sub- Superhero genre, Insomniac is one of those studies that soon one / a Stopping to think about, he realizes he has half life on his side. Like Naughty Dog, Insomniac has given IPs to Sony consoles from 4 different generations: Spyro i PSone, Ratchet & Clank i PS2 – to continue on each subsequent PlayStation console, including laptops, Opposite the PS3, and the Spider-Man Spider-Man above to PS4.

Platforms and Dragons

After his first game, Disruptor received well but did not sell, Insomniac reaches the place and place with Spyro, 3rd person platform is starred by the very 90-dragon Pixar style, who has already exhibited his own stamp, his imagination, his color, his fun – that the studio would be relevant to all the work – except i Resistance, trilogy of FPS but you do not do that You just laugh. With 1998, Spyro was awarded a character that has gone through many publishers, by (almost) every 5th generation to the 8th generation (with an unequal fortune), and that was the toys germ to the first successful. : Skylanders.

But what we have in our hands plays PS4's version and these days is not the new adventure of the dragoncito. Yes & # 39; Go Back to Basics & # 39; Absolutely, a joyful reunion of three games that triggered the scent of the new 3D stage school, revocation decades ago, when the world was not so open, the maps were not overflowed with icons and life was as simple as jumping, burning sheep, chickens and trolleys, finding games, dragon eggs and Let's have fun rather than de-analyze everything.

Save the good guys and squeeze the bad men

For those who do not know Spyro, do not know but have never played the original trolley, the first three spy games Third-party adventures focus on platforms and fighting, with Insomniac plots only Which makes them ideal for a very broad audience Target, dragoncitos, little jumps and colors do not mean just for children. Simply to follow, the humor is consistent and functional, although for example the first Spyro starts with filming a documentary where they interview somewhat anthropomorphic toys. live in land of fantasy and ports. And the goth Gnasty Gnorc, no hand, turns them crystal after hearing they say it is ugly and a small dangerous contender – Cepyro is in the background, hunting sheep.

Like many games of that generation and the platforms of the previous ones, the narrative remains in the background, has been applied in several scenes, as the strength of the pure and hard game, although the team of characters really increases Spyro 2 and 3, and we even manage others other than the dragoncito. After sharing levels within worlds, we have a great focus to connect completely by small centers full of key objectives – for example, Spyro 1 is to save dragons – and secondary in the form collections – games, games everywhere, chests with hidden keys, dragon eggs In fact, even bonus levels (free flight) where and the aim is to overcome the challenges in a specific time to add more games to the counter, for the simple pleasure to survive them.

Although the gameplay becomes more complicated in Spyro 2 and 3, the three games run a similar line and many will be a simple and simple sin; o 's compared to a current game. But take care not because they do not have 50 handquests and do not mix RPG with jumps and battles that you will transfer as LEGO, because it's in these titles where one shows the strips & GAMER & # 39;. For a specialist player, not all Spyro will be difficult to overcome generally, but the three who are here and then jump will fight them; collections that you can not find and they disturb you and the 100% you want to achieve; final heads; Elements really, I've lost, and now what do I have to do? & # 39; And the accomplishment of these things will make you smile, as with the great thumbnail of the Crash Bandicoot trolley.

Old School

With an average of 6-7 hours in each classification, complete Trilogy Spyro Reignited will take you between 18 and 20 hours. But that's in the plunge plan. If you want to get rid of all secrets, do the secondary trips and get 100% in every world, those hours will double easy. A great element for conveyancing is the possibility within each game to give it up, search for world in the list, and teleport in place and location to the area we do not have 100% to keep track. An option that does not affect the period and which allows the game rhythm suffers either.

By supporting the word if something works, why it's changed, there's Bobs Toys, which includes three Skylanders games on its CV and Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy for Switch port , The He is committed to playing the right thing, showing that the work of Insomniac with the original trology has been a good time test. The gameplay is the same, beyond the free mapping of the camera on the right-hand side – do you remember when the free camera was in PSone using buttons On the far remote and not the stick? "The horror, the horror …" In the broad areas, the free camera is an even advantage, but in limited areas there is a constant re-location battle, especially if we have to fight. Trick is to emphasize the left trigger to relocate it on a stroke, or leave it pressing and you'll crash the camera & # 39; behind Spyro, although there will be a sudden turn and it will need to be reset again.

The control is perfect in his response, there is no weakness in the gap And even in the challenges, we will feel how well Spyro flies. And the same thing, so if you're a veteran of the saga, he'd like to remember your games on the PSX, in fact better, as mapping some buttons allow it. The same as the levels, which have an outstanding paint of paint, but which is essentially the path is the same, only in a familiar visual environment but at the same time new.


Visually, this is clearly a lion share of this remake. The study has raised the background aspect outside the low load period that 5th Generation games suffer Reboot from the top to the bottom through the whole, although it has not changed, but it has been improved. The color is consistent, the Spyro animations are great, in the air areas the distance of the horizon is comfortable, the scenes with the game engine are reviewed, and everything looks very good. At texting level there is not too much, but the set is supplied based on the style of the game. Best kudos: character design and especially every dragon, as we've gone from the first Spyro semi-generic drags to a gallery of redesigned drags and everyone with prominent personality and lots of details to admire.

And another joy of joy. The repeat in Spanish is good and works, and the BSO is the same as Stewart Copeland, with that record based on gelectric umbrellas, beats and rock dances, only with a great addition: at any time we can give the game the best, record the menu and choose if we want to hear the BSO as it is 20 years ago, or a restructured version for the game that sounds great without betting the original notes

(Note: This analysis was carried out with code code PS4 provided by Activision)

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