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Spicy response from Tinelli to learn that Laurita Fernandez intends to leave the jury before the final


Marina Calabró that revealed Marcelo I'll be fierce. Dancer's word: "I have a commitment to Sugar".

Tinelli's anger is to learn that Laurita Fernandez intends to leave the jury before the final

On Monday, Marcelo Polino The controversial application revealed Laurita Fernández to produce ShowMatch. "He asked to finish his work on December 14. He was signed through the year, up to the last program, he would break a contract. He asked to finish his work on the day (Friday) December 14, "said jury and driver Show specialists. And burn Troy.

Marina Calabró it counted a spicy reaction Marcelo Tinelli after learning that Laurita intends to leave the pre-final program to join the season Sugar in Mar del Plata. "It prevailed the premiere. When he signed up as a jury Sugar was not a Mar del Plata. This contract is worth more than the other (because he had signed up to" ") "With what we have promoted work that was not even on the bill did this!", Said the words of the panelist's leader Mariana Diary.

Then Calabró passed a sound from the Welsh executive producer 2018 dancing, The Chato Prada. "We have a contract with it until the end of the program, the program ends 20. If it does not go there, she should be alerting us at the moment," said Tinelli on right.

In addition, Elurita has interviewed a cycle, who responded and justified his decision to leave the jury for work Gustavo Yankelevich. "When they call me (from Dancing), I have warned that the date of Sugar has already indicated. The practice date is December 17, and we broadcast on the 21st. It's a must and I must also comply with the theater for everything that starts first on Friday, "says the dancer.

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