Friday , August 19 2022

Special measures for the megaconcert in Tienditas


Package of measures to protect public order and citizen security During the weekend, it will take effect from today until February 25.

The events come from the events that will attract quite a lot of public on the border, such as the concert Venezuela Aid Live & # 39; and food supply and health supplies sent by the Venezuelans to the international community.

The first restriction establishes the Prohibition Law, which prohibits the sale and consumption of toxic drinks in the urban and rural area of ​​the Cúcuta borough of 6:00 a.m.Friday, February 22, until 6:00 a.m. on the same day.

You may be interested In Cúcuta there is an expectation for presenting support on February 23

According to Mayor César Rojas, the measure also seeks to provide security conditions to ensure the integrity of the whole national and international diplomatic body, general assistants and part-time artists show.

Similarly, from 6:00 a.m. on Thursday and until Monday, February 25 at 6:00 a.m., the following activities have been restricted:

Circulation and transportation of dump trucks and vehicles have been loaded o propan gas cylinders, movements, transportation with construction materials, waste and similar waste and debris in public, buildings and many private roads from urban and rural areas.

Preventing general licenses I'm carrying arms in Cúcuta.

Similarly, public exhibitions, marches, palaces and caravans are restricted.

The authorities will cross these provisions of the decree, in accordance with the provisions of the National Police and Regulatory Code

Secretary of the Cúcuta Government, Jimmy Cárdenas, said that under 5s could not go to the show as well.

Mega-concert organizers organized Britain's entrepreneur initiative Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Virgin, an entrance to the public from 6:00 a morning, on Friday, to the sufficient place in the international bridge Trentitas.

No-one will be able to wait to sleep in the places to present to the viewers. And at 5:00 pm the place must be clear.

Mayor César Rojas said that in order to attend "any defect" promptly, the Yellow Warning of the Hospital was declared, so that health centers were allocated to Imsalud, as well as city clinics and Erasmo Meoz University Hospital (Huem ) reinforcement of personnel, supply of equipment and supplies in the emergency services.

In general, 1,500 police officers were organized to guarantee security in the musical show and present assistance to Venezuelans.

The National Road Institute reported that measures to mitigate the effects produced to the flow of vehicles and pedestrians in the Cute East Ring Road were taken by the international Venezuelan Concert Concert & # 39; which will be developed near the binational bridge Tienditas and the surrounding areas. The idea is to guarantee "the safety and mobility of road users, citizens in general and those attending the event". And to avoid, as far as possible, the restriction or obstruction of vehicle flows and pedestrians, and access to commercial property and activities near the area where the concert is held. That is, the journey to the neighbors of the colonization along the way to the adjacent oceans crosses between them will not be blocked.

Road sections that will suffer closure, from 6:00 a.m. from Thursday to midnight on Saturdays are: two sectors of the Ring Road, which are included between PR 11 + 200 and PR 9 + 100, and Public Relations 11+ 200 and PR 9 + 100, close to El Ecobal residential sector; and the Rumichaca-Boconó concept.

Civic today

By decree, the civic administration declared a Civic Day that did not work, on the occasion of the mega concert. That is, Cúcuta's official school students will not have classes. Similarly, public sector workers will not work throughout the day. He reiterated that "a very big global event is due to the consolidated situation that the border lives", says the mayor of Cúcuta, César Rojas at the time.


Do not carry cars or cars: It is recommended to reach a taxi or fleet that goes through the sector, enabling the City Hall of Cúcuta.

Arrival early so that it can be located in a strategic position.

Wear comfortable shoes, tennis as much as possible, flannel and bluebell.

Do not give the best to put on the sunshine. Remember that there are no trees in that place and the sun will be all its splendor.

Use caps, hats, scarves, hats, finally protecting your head.

Hydration It's very important that's why you should bring a plastic jar with water and something to nibble. Although the North of Santander government has announced that hydration stations will be better prevented.

Before setting up a meeting point with the people that accompany it.

And masgot You can leave it at home or ask a neighbor to look after it because they will not let them go.

You do not need to carry a cushion so that one rests on the floor. The body does not hold so much.

Do not wear clothes like big earrings, bracelets, rings, watches. The idea is to walk & missile.

And the bikes they are not allowed to enter either, so do not insist.

Avoid big bags. Put the money, identify, cell phone, keys in a bag that you can cross in your body, or in a cangleton.

If you're standing in the midst of many people, it's important that you keep some breathing space. When you find the point standing with your legs spread across your shoulders, this will prevent people from starting to push them.

The concerts focus on positive energy, let you be surprised by the amount that people enjoy. Sing, dance, jump, laugh … Enjoy!

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