Thursday , January 21 2021

"Spatial disorders", theory for a Room disaster

After finding the 65 meter deep plane in the waters of English Channel and when looking for the rest of the fuse, the next step will be to get the ship to the surface to carry out the expert reports that explain the reasons for the Emiliano Sala disaster.

But until that minute arrives, it's interesting to know what aviation expert theory is. Juan Del Azarwhich is already Channel Channel crossing at least 400 times and has a theory to explain the accident, if you can call it, despite the negligence of the pilot David Ibbotson.

"That is the information we get now this pilot did not have the authorization to fly by instruments. It is possible that there is a case of being in a cloud, without knowing how to fly with instruments and get what is called spatial disorders in English, "explained Del Azar in a dialogue with Clarin.

"When someone is in a cloud, if it looks out on the window, it becomes chaotic. Your body gives you wrong signals at that time. Your body tells you that the plane is going up and the plane is falling and the opposite. Then the only thing that is valid is the instruments. It's very normal but something that a pilot must have the license, the training and others, "clearly graphed the expert.

Although it's premature, for Juan Del Azar, Sala family has everything in favor of bringing those responsible for hiring the plane to trial and get an exemplary sentence. "The bottom line here is that this was not a commercial operation, it was not an air taxi. This was an act that, for all the data that we have, sounds more and more like illegal commercial operation ".


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