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Space tribute: satellite launch with 100 astronomy fans to orbit Earth – 03/12/2018


The US SpaceX Rocket company launched on Monday that gave a satellite orbit with 100 ash people whose fascinating universe leads their families to think that their best way to pay tribute to them was to do travel your traces through cosmos.

The satellite, cubic in shape, will follow a heliosyncronic or simultaneous orbit to the sun for the next 4 years, which ensures that It will pass across all corners of the world, after that he will return to the atmosphere turning a shooting star, according to the service provider company, Elysium Space.

Elysium Space, located in San Francisco (California, USA) collects customers (which raises around $ 2,500), prepares capsules with deadly remains and hires services SpaceX for the satellite to reach space in one of its rockets.

Not only do these rockets carry the ashes, but they are part of regular launches of the company led by Elon Musk, which governs and companies around the world hire them carry out trade or research trips. Today, for example, put an orbit in 63 other small recipes as well as Elysium Space.

Relatives, meanwhile, follow the location of your loved ones ash by space in real time by free application for mobile phones.

The launch of SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket at 10.43 a Monday here (18.43 GMT) from the Vandenberg airport location in southern California. According to the company, sending dust to space is a way of "Remember the loved ones with the sky of starred sky".

The tradition of sending deadly remains to the space is unusual but nothing new: in 1998 an assault with the astronomer's dust, Eugene Shoemaker had reached the surface of the picture on NASA's mission board.

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