Tuesday , August 9 2022

Sofia Jujuy Jimenez wants to recamp in the Dancing: "If I go back, it would be worse"


Sofia Jujuy Jimenez He was one of figures 2018 dancing, but his stay in the competition ShowMatch it was only a handful of sweetheart that persisted. When asked if she would return to the most famous track in the country, the model did not delay: "I loved my time there and I stayed with more talentedness. I believe if I was going this year from another place, I understood the game in more and we will try to be worse, more brave. "

"She never ceases to be a television game. Last year, I tried to get to know me because I really did, no conflict and always look for the positive. But I think it's not nothing you do there defines you as a person, so we will go differently ", insisted on an interview with Por mos las moscas, a program broadcast by La Once Ten / Radio de la Ciudad.

Jujuy asks for an idea

Jujuy asks for an idea

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