Wednesday , May 25 2022

So they performed Laurita Fernández on Mexico Television


The dancer was a jury member of Televisa's television reality show, but he did not get a visa. Details

Laurita Fernández had all finished to be the new jury show small giants of Televisa, already with four successful seasons under his belt. The dancer was going to divide the court with no more than no less than Miguel Bosé and Verónica Castro. However, as noted by Ángel de Brito, he did not get a visa to work.

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"Laurita did not get the visa work. The process takes a lot of time, and the ring had to be recorded already." It will again inform the driver of Los Angeles de la Morning, our its official Twitter account.

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The news was confirmed in the Aztec media and, in the Mexican program Consent, the conductorshas made fun of Argentina's failed fires. Presenters Pepillo Origel and Martha Figueroa Laurita presented and announced their renewal Karol Sevilla, composer of the infantojuvenil strip I'm Luna.

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Who is Laurita Fernández?

Laura Inés Fernández, known as Laurita Fernández, is a dancer, model, actress and television presenter of Argentina. She was part of a number of Showmatch issues: Dancing for a Gift and was awarded him for winning the Bailando for a dream 2015, and she was also a host of Argentineans


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