Monday , October 3 2022

snow, Santa Corn and where to find the aircraft in season 7


Season 7 of Fortnite is already official, and is uploaded with news to celebrate the holiday season, including a new method of unexpected transport for fans: aircraft. Here's an update on the update.

In Battle Royale type games, the map is usually quite large, and at the beginning of the game, when the "storm" has not yet reduced the secure area of ​​the map, it can walk on foot quite excessive. Yes, Fortnite had already incorporated some vehicles, such as off-road bikes or the scandalous (but funny) supermarket cart. But now this is the turn of the aircraft.


The new vehicle that arrives at Fortnite in season 7 is the X-4 Stormwind, a plane that allows you to fly around the map and even shoot (although the tool can overwhelm if you use it too much), and she has five seats, I'll carry up to four friends with you

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In addition, the map has also changed slightly in this new season, adding more cities to explore during the winter holidays.


Of course, and by the coming of the winter and holiday season in many parts of the world, there is an island mainly in the Fortnite valley, including its new cities and regions. In addition, the game has also included a new skin to give a look at their character, weapons and vehicles, including Santa hats and more.

Finally, in the Fortnite season 7 we also knew the new Creative way, which allows you to build and modify the map as you want on your private small island, in the best style from Minecraft, which I use to explore or fight with your friends. You can find all the detailed changes to the official website. The new Fortnite season is now available.

Where to find the plane

The aircraft usually appear around the hangars, which are easily identifiable by their red color. At the moment, we have points where aircraft can appear in Fortnite, and almost all three are in all of these sites.

New buildings

Fortnite has announced a new way that will be happy for everyone who loves Minecraft games and sand tasks. Its name is "Creative" and focuses on building, allowing you to create the map you want and how you want to explore or fight with friends and strangers.

The new version is a better version of a Playground, which offers small private users of players to build whatever they want. Once you have already been created you can use it to anything, including exploring, competing in races or, of course, fighting in a routine battlefield.


"Everything you build will be saved, you will not miss it when you leave the game," announces Epic Games, just as they remember that Creative mode continues to be in its final version, but it will continue to improve over time.

Fortnite Creative arrives tomorrow to those who have bought the path of the battle, and from December 13 to all.

As well as the launch of the new season, during the The Game Awards gala, which will be held on Thursday (early December 7 in Spain), the Epic Games will be a big surprise.

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