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Six cases have already been of hantavirus and extreme measurements

February 23, 2019 – 00:24
They recommend severe hygiene measures and symptoms.

The Salta Public Health Ministry recommended extreme cleaning of houses, patios and gardens to prevent hawaviruses, starting by avoiding the presence of cruelty. Responsible for the Epidemiology area, he reminded that hawavirus lung syndrome begins with flu-like symptoms (fever, decay and body pains) and after three or four days complicated due to difficulty in breathing.

It is mainly acquired by influencing viruses found in the dry faeces of rushes (urine, fecal matter and saliva).

Director Francisco García Campos, from January 1 to date reported that six cases of hantaviruses confirmed throughout the provincial territory.

In this sense, Garcia insisted on community awareness to prevent the circulation of the disease and asked for extreme care and personal hygiene and housing and the environment.

"Home cleanliness, personal hygiene and patios and land arrangement are essential to avoid any type of disease and to drive insects, rodents and herbs in general," said the professional.

Prevention measures

* Hygiene The population is recommended to keep clean and spacious homes, to avoid cruel presence, as well as to prevent holes in doors, walls and pipes.

* Do not touch It is advisable to use a poisoning or draper for rodents, untouched or hit. If one of these animals is found to be dead, spit with a bleach and at least 30 minutes, select it using gloves and burst more than 30 cm in depth, or burn it.

* Weed. If you need to collect firewood, do so as far as possible from the house; Pour the ground and avoid contacting the secretions of the mice.

* Ventilate at least 30 minutes before entering places that have closed and covered the mouth and the nose with a wet copy.

* Cleaning floors, tables, designers and cabinets with a solution of water and bleach, in a proportion of ten parts to one and leaving 30 minutes before rinsing. Spread the floor before sweeping to avoid dust.

* Trekking. If you're camping, do it away from a weed or a little, do not sleep straight on the ground and use drinking water

Deadly cause

In January a patient from this syndrome died at Tartagal hospital. The victim, a 28-year-old rural worker, lived in Coronel Cornejo. The virus that shows itself in Salta has very different characteristics of eleven deaths in Chubut, this summer. In Salta virus there is no person-to-person transfer, but in any case there is a severe disease and is endemic. In 2018, 38 cases enrolled in the province, seven of which were dead.

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