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Silvina Luna remembered her video hot with a fun picture in a vineyard – 03/26/2019


On holiday with friends in Valle de Uco, Mendoza, Silvina Luna (38) visit a vineyard and remember it with humor prohibited video He became viral in July 2011 and led to a long legal battle against several Internet search engines.

Is that, in the images that were revealed then, the model seemed to have sex with her boyfriend then in a vineyard in Napa, United States of America.

Silvina Luna in Uco Valley, Mendoza. (Instagram)

Silvina Luna in Uco Valley, Mendoza. (Instagram)

"Back .. but different story … What beautiful country we have. I love going through it !!! I spent amazing days in Mendoza! Visiting Tunuyán, surrounded by friends, nature and warm people who received it from 10. Thanks, "the panellist also wrote Wrong (America, Monday to Friday at 17.15).

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It should be noted that that hot video has caused Luna deep depression even he took her off for a bit of the middle. However, with the passage of time the rosarina It began to de-dramatize the fact he won a long judicial legal battle against Google and Yahoo.

"He was my girlfriend, we made a video for us and a shameless man stole him and to publish it. At the time, it was a problem but like everything in life I try to take her with humor", acknowledged Silvina, in 2016, during an interview with Luis Novaresio (54) in I must say (America, Sundays at 22).

Another of the photos that Silvina Luna shared on Instagram.

Another of the photos that Silvina Luna shared on Instagram.

And he closed: "Whatever, there was no filming in Mendoza, let me say it's in Napa Valley, At least let's put a bit of glamor. It was in California. "

Because this personal material has been virus, the former participant of Big Brother sent through his specific request lawyer to the search engines Google a Yahoo! To stop it spreading and to block each page showing it and connect it with activities related to human trafficking.

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But because that didn't happen and for years the material continued to circulate through the networks, Luna prosecuted her case in Argentina and eventually won.

That, last year, Room II of the National Federal Civil and Commercial Appeals ruled in favor of the model and ordered that demand for 100,000 pesos is compensation for moral damages, with interest from the start date (2007/8), which would give a total of almost half a million pesos.


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