Sunday , October 2 2022

Silvia's Phone Auro Against Jorge Rial: "On that channel …!"


Silvia Dura and Jorge Rial separated seven years ago, since then they have no connection and we could even say they hate each other. Although they try to avoid talking about each other, from time to time, they go away and throw themselves into quite controversial comments. As this time …

Warrior driver's former wife, posted by Twitter, a tweet from another user who said: "I do not watch that channel (for America), Silvia and much less because you already know who. I do not name it because they tell me he had closed accounts, the old slob. " The media Repeat the message and added: "On that channel, there's nothing to see!" Then, he has also added emoji that seems vomiting.

It's worth remembering, some time ago, when asked for Morena Jorge's pregnancy news, he was asked Durary I helped your daughter. In those moments, the journalist warred in a flame and said: "Morena Mum? If you're participating? Where? I do not understand … He left and left everything eight years ago. He did not take part in any what, not in the actions or in … In anything he was involved. Let's not, I do not want to talk about that. "

On the other hand, Silvia, said years before: "I'm not talking to Jorge now. After I called it, when I was Morena with Loly in a bowling path, I told you what was happening with the girl, I was not Call me to talk about the divorce. I'll insult, pull me up and get in touch with a lawyer. Then, I made me and ask me what you did? … If not blameless accepting an apology, we will not apply for everything I've learned about this last time. They're feeling crazy for me, but that's us. My pain was very big and I thank you I have already overcame him and he does what he wants. "

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