Wednesday , June 16 2021

Showers and meteor comets will light up the sky this weekend

Christmas comes early for Australian fun astronomers, with no space glasses but two for Friday night.

Comet's Christmas and Gemin meteor showers light the night sky light within a few hours.

Christmas Comet – named for time of the year – appears from 9pm AEDT as a green and boring comet in the east, close to the contrast of the name Orion, or Saucepan, says the ANU astronomer, Dr Brad Tucker.

"The green color comes from the gas that comes off the comet," said Dr Tucker at AAP.

"There's a lot of ice on it and methane – it's like a dirty snowball and so when it goes around the sun, it melts … and it's a sticky glow. "

This will be a rare opportunity for Australians to have an insight into the comet, which appears once once every five years.

Lighting hours later flash over the air as the Earth passes through the 3200 Phaethon asteroid tail.

They will look stunning of the ground, but the stars fall only in the atmosphere of the Earth by small rocks that have broken off the asteroid before burning up.

"They are about sand grain size, or even small stones and they travel tens of thousands of kilometers per hour," said Dr Tucker.

Although observers need a pair of binoculars or telescope to hold the Christmas Comet, the meteoric shower will be visible anywhere in Australia, even big cities, as long as it's a clear night.

"It's very accessible, you do not need anything special, you just have the night sky," said Dr Tucker.


If you're eager to catch this once in a lifetime airshow, look at the weather conditions in your main city.


A cloudy night is forecast for Friday, but when it is expected that there will be rain in the afternoon and at night, it should be cleared in time for the comet shower and a meteor around 9pm AEDT.


A cloudy night is expected along with the chance of storm storm.


There is a cloudy night in the store, although the worst of severe storm storms earlier in the day should have passed.


A high chance of rain and storm storm will leave the ACT with a slight chance of looking at either a comet shower or a feteor.


Those who live at the Top End may have a chance to fight for the stars, with comparative comparative evenings ahead of the possible storms.


Clouds are expected to start across the air during the night, with the chance of predicting a Saturday storm for the city.


A cloudy fiery air is expected after a day of showers, which will accelerate as the sun goes down.


A relatively cloudy night hides the night sky, with an average chance of rainfall.

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