Sunday , January 24 2021

Shell increased her 2.0%% naphthas on Sunday

This was announced by Raizen Argentina, a licensee & brand, who joined in December with YPF and has announced a 1.5% reduction in its fuel.

With the new increase, the latest prices in the City of Buenos Aires will be as follows: the Naphtha VPower will cost $ 43.99 to $ 44.43 and the Super goes from $ 37.99 to a value of $ 38.52.

Meanwhile, the Diesel VPower climbs from $ 41,980 to $ 42.82 and the Diesel Formula suffers from an increase of $ 35.98 to $ 36.79.

During 2018, a report from the Trends Economy Treasury consultation revealed that the price of gasoline increased by 67%, while the level of gasoline 3 increased by almost 80%.

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