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She gave her twenty birthday so hard she was breaking an ass


Thursday, December 20, 2018 08:38

Sarah Williamson, her daughter Annecy and Richard's husband. Hey is to save his life

The pain was permanent but not unbearable. I'm going through it. She was her back that caused her constant discomfort for 365 days. Sarah Williamson, 41, did not know what she was supposed to be attributed to bad movements, her life as a mother … to her own life and to spend time. "Chronology", you'll have thought or the intense running that you have to practice.

Sarah was living in Darlington, Durham County, United Kingdom, with the husband of Richard (39) and her daughter Annecy who was aware of her discomfort.

Two years ago, on her birthday, her beloved Richard gave you congratulations to her. In addition to the sweet words that came out of his mouth, he also took advantage of his embossed frame. I surrounded with arms. Like bear. Very strong So strong that it breaks an ass.

They went to hospital to do some studies due to the intense pain that – now, as well – feels in the chest. The results were not what they expected: instead, they were destructive. It was not because the ass had to break, but doctors found in the images that Sarah had something more serious. He was diagnosed with bone marrow cancer, myeloma.

We would never have imagined if they had not gone to the medical center because of the crash caused by the hey. And that the cancer would have developed even more.

The new therapy woman carried out by the doctor Graham Jackson, The Freeman Hospital in Newcastle. It's part of a new study that covers about 4 thousand UK patients, all of whom are diagnosed with myeloma.

Jackson-based treatment includes receiving lenalidomide – after chemotherapy – and stem cell transplantation. So far, Sarah has suffered a great deal of pain in her cancer.

"When I asked if I wanted to take part in the clinical trial, I did not welcome saying yes, and I was delighted that I had been randomly selected to accept lenalidomide, as I responded well ok to the medication. " For patients, having an additional two-year failure is great is what every person with that condition expects, as it means they can make their life as normal as possible again, "he said. The worker working in the field of communication.

Sarah also said, during the time the treatment lasted, "she barely had any side effects" and that all her pain had gone ". Today he has no signs of bone marrow cancer.

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