Wednesday , June 29 2022

Shares were climbing up to 10% and jumping dollar bonds up to 2% t


In the midst of institutional investors interest in shares of the energy and financial segment, andS & P Exchange and Marketing Index won Argentina Interchanges and Markets 3% to 34,481 points t, although the amount is limited.

Key progress included roles Supervielle Group (+ 10.1%); Pampa Energía (+ 7.4%); and Banco Francés (+ 7.05%).

In addition, the encouraging the market to improve external markets, where Sao Paulo stock market developed 2.44% and the Dow Jones 0.77%.

So the local market responds positively to the announcement – overbearing the Fernández-Fernández formula, and to the statements of alternative Peronism referrers, who eventually ruled out an alliance. with Kirchnerism (Roberto Lavagna, Juan Schiaretti).

So it seemed that the market was clearing some questions, and raised the fact that the possibility of Perony being shared with the PASO was reinforced, something that would favor the party's election opportunities, t They noticed the tables.

The market is trying to "predict the dynamics in the electoral map '(…) and the related economic policies," said Gustavo Ber, an analyst at the Ber Ber is consulting with a company, t adding that "weeks of intense discussions until definitions (lists of) June".

Another point to note is the significant increase in the amount traded in private papers: operations were calculated at a total of $ 914 million, 88% more than what was recorded in the Monday round.

Bonds and country risk

In this framework, The country risk prepared by the bank JP.Morgan on Tuesday showed a reduction of 49 units, to 885 basic points, its lowest level in a month.

The investors have changed their vision after publishing the Fernández-Fernández formula and confirmed the Alternative Federal, which shares the PJ and thus increasing chances. the party is in control, "an analyst said

Given the apparent decline in country risk, the main bonds named in dollars rose by up to 2%, so Bonar 2024 was additional. Discount under Argentine law 1.1% and Bonar 2020, 0.5%.

Meanwhile, the pesos quarried warrants were also closed in positive territory.

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