Tuesday , August 9 2022

Shakira and Carlos Vives face plagiarism trial "La Bicicleta"


Although "La Bicicleta" was one of the most popular songs in 2016, today it continues to sound. The hit came together Shakira with Carlos Vives It was a resounding success to include two of Colombia's best known artists but a few months later it became a problem: Cuba singer Liván Rafael Castellano Valdés filed a legal case, considering he copied pieces from; to a constitution in 1997, "Yo I love you so much." The complaint was received in the Juzgado Mercantil 12 from Madrid, where this week the artists must declare in their defense. According to reports, Shakira will testify to this on Wednesday, March 27, while Vives turn on Thursday.

According to Castellano Valdés, he sent a piece of song "Mayté" to his content in his repertoire, but decided to include part of the words in "La Bicicleta", without his permission. One of the parts "Has been robbed" in the attempt to hit, more specifically in the part where the Colombia idols sing "I dream of you and I love you so much" t.

This is not the first time Shakira has faced a demand of this kind: in 2010, Dominica Wilfredo Vargas accused her of annoying her song "El negro or puede" on her hit. "Waka Waka"And, four years later, Dominica Ramón Arias Vásquez filed a legal case against him for the subject" Loca ", which was included in his album Sale el sol.

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