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Sex Officer said about the abuse of her little girl

December 12, 2018

The girl's uncle was the person who had appointed him to attack the girl for five years.

Sex Officer said about the abuse of her little girl

Jorge Eduardo Garzón, a lawyer and a The Ombudsman's Advisor for Sexual Abuse and Sexual Abuse at Ensenada. Recently, She has reported sexual abuse at her six daughter.

Although the investigation is under way, the 60-year-old man has been removed from office. The prosecutor Marcelo Martini o & n UFI 3 o The Money The person responsible for the queries.

The complaint is under direction "Alleged sexual abuse" and it was introduced on November 2 by the victim's uncle, Ignacio Miguel Cazaux

Man by counting it Facebook He stated: "R. is currently 15 years old and since he was 8 years old he suffered abuse, rape and psychological violence. Unfortunately, my sister Noelia Elizabeth Cazaux a couple! They are two violent and aggressive people. My father was always afraid to be designated because his mother never believed him, being embarrassed ".

Sex Officer said about the abuse of her little girl

Cazaux He ensured the abuse occurred when "R." They were only eight years old and they stopped until the girl turned 12.

He also confirmed that it was a small one are physically and psychologically broken Following the tragic experience, the girl had several suicidal attempts.

After the complainant made the corresponding in the Justice, his sister, mom "R."He said that her daughter never told him he had been abused and made it clear that he would start legal action against his relationship.

The girl who would go through Siambr Gesell, has communicated with his father telling him everything that has happened to him.

Through the disposition of the La Plata Local Service, the person who is currently living with a father away from his mother and from his dad, the Ombudsman's advisor for sexual abuse.

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