Saturday , January 22 2022

Serious complaint: Sol Pérez revealed that she had been harassed while working in "Combat"


Sol Pérez revealed that she was constantly disturbed by a team company during her time in "Combate", which finally led her to leave the show that El Nine is broadcasting.

"He told me:" Give me a little pig, put me a little pig, and since I did not want to give it, he started off and I will not say the name because I am. know he loves it, but I will not name him, he's a very dark person, "says the blonde in statements to" Los Angeles in the morning ", who leads Ángel de Brito.

After the person who harassed her consulted, Sol refused to give the name even though some clues led to Cristian U, at that time, the team captain that the Dancer participant was part of. "I do not intend to give the name, I'd rather not give names so we're all in peace, it was a step, that's it, it's over," he said.

Sol Pérez is "Combat"

For her part, exGran Hermano made her defense by stating that "Sol Pérez is quilombera". "There must be a restriction because many women have actually harassed. Women who fight daily for having an anti-panic button and many real things that are not played with television, "he said.

He also told what Sol's do with team friends: "She kisses everyone in the program, it was a game they did, they got a point and they motivated, but I was not in that game ".

Cristian U.

"I took care of my situations, I was a captain and I got my team in. The first decision to take Solar from the red team was a pleasure, it's simple, If I could play for my team and I did not give it up, I had to go. In this regard, Sol Perez must be in very cautious because you can eat a trial, "he added.

Finally, Cristian U said he had information that could harm Sun: "I have a lot of information from people who walk in the Faena", referring to the famous hotel in Puerto Madero.

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