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Sergio Massa met with Roberto Lavagna and in-house Peronism – 02/22/2019


Without consensus there is no way out. That is the meeting synthesis – from the work? – That carried out two leaders who have already highlighted their intention to be presidential candidates, although they continue to know whether they will go through and compete with each other, or if each take different courses.

After the former Economy Minister emerged as a potential candidate for the presidency and their requirements to start the 2019 race – in each CAM and raise as a consensus – Sergio Massa and Roberto had Lavagna meets a long time.

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They ensure that they did not talk about internal or candidacy because they still have to solve other problems. Therefore, near the leader of the Front Renovador Believe Lavagna will not compete Finally and a reduction that will be part of space. At least, remember, it was with Massa in 2013, 2015 and 2017.

This was the Tigrense who arrived at 10 on Friday morning to the house that the economist has in the Saavedra neighborhood. There, between coffee and croissants, they worked until 14th this Friday and converged on an idea. Working to reach consensus Prepared of the Spanish style Moncloa.

The witnesses of the meeting were Marco Lavagna and Graciela Camaño.

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"It will begin to talk about the need for consensus, ask for Barack Obama to ensure governance for Argentina to get out of the crisis that is being dumped, "said a source in the conclave to Clarin.

Massa and Lavagna agreed on a series of points like anxiety about the serious social and economic situation which is crossing the country but also in the region. So they analyze the conditions of the international context a under what conditions the government should assume to be assumed -or resumption, if Mauricio Macri- in December this year.

They also discussed Argentina's relationship with the IMF – whose mission under Roberto Caldarelli has met separately with both – and the strategic direction that the country should give to & # 39; w economy could face development process. The need to strengthen organizations to face this agenda.

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They explained that you can only get out of this situation with consensus and joint working, and that is, the agreed commitment, to continue working towards these agreements that should include not only Peronism but also socialism, radicalism and other places.

For the next Monday, Massa will attend a meeting in the Chamber of Deputies together with 25 economists, where he will present economic bids.

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