Monday , January 25 2021

Sergio Denis, as a couple with a young young pre-school girl

Sergio Denis talked about her new girlfriend, 30 years younger (Video: "Believers", America)

The saying says there is no love. Y Sergio Denis Singing that phrase could be a popular song because it is a romantic story that is 30 years apart.

The 70-year-old singer is paired with his partner Barbara's ex-partner. "I'm going on well with her, we've been seeing each other for three months, we get to know each other," he said about his love. Seronic.

On her partner's and sister's fond, the musician explained that she "went to school with each other, but later they lose the relationship." He also stressed that he was a "very new" romance. "He's a good person, he's an international political journalist, I can talk to her so I'll be very happy", says in a note with Wizards.

For his part, he referred to Veronica, which does not belong to the media, "I did not know he was going to put such a mess". "It's on another stick," he warned.

"I've already come well and always good relationships make you better. I already bend my penelin. I have to take advantage of the final, "said Sergio Denis for their new relationship.

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