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Sergio Berni: "I had to kill offenders and I never had problems"


December 6, 2018

The old Security Secretary criticized the new protocol promoted by Patricia Bullrich and said that "was not relevant because he was against the law."

In the middle of the debate around Protocol for the use of firearms in federal forces, which enabled soldiers to shoot without a loud voice, and former Secretary of Security Sergio Berni criticized the regulation that ensured that "It's not relevant because it is against the law."

"I do not know how much the unfortunate was to kill or give the order to shoot off an offender. I had to do it many times and I never had any problems ", Berni said, adding that he has always acted in the law and, in all such cases, "the offender was killed and the victim was saved. "

In addition, in dialogue with the program For two voices, have explained: " I do not agree with me [Elisa] Carried, I can agree with my principles and with experience"And qualify as"smoke pump"The new regulations led by Patricia Bullrich.

Patricia Bullrich confirmed the protocol for the use of weapons: "Macri supported him"

In this regard, that considered "it's not come to give any answer " because the important thing is "to discuss robust issues," and Aagregó: "An article has been downloaded with subjective elements. What is not subjective, as offenders with toy weapons, has already provided in law. There's nothing new. "

According to Berni, the important thing is "Protection of the citizen and authority" because "The offender who goes out on the streets is ready to kill and, therefore, is a danger to society"

However, for the old official this option is "Disable", and explained: "To care for the cash of the security forces is to act under the right. All norms must be in force to the law that reigns in this country, which can not go against the law or constitution or against international agreements. Within the law everything, out of the law nothing", it came to an end.

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