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Sergio Berni: "I had to kill an offender and I never had any problem" – 05/12/2018


Former Security Secretary Sergio Berni criticized the new protocol issued by the Ministry of Patricia Bullrich: "It's incapable, there's a smoke bomb."

"The protocol does not apply because it is against the law. Caring for the security forces cash is to act under the right. All norms must be in force to the law that exists in this country. He can not go against the law not the constitution or against international agreements, "said Berni.

But his criticism was limited to law. "Another thing is to talk about spirit (the new norm), I agree that you have to defend the citizen, that you have to defend and give authority, the offender who comes out with a weapon is ready to kill and so there is a danger to society", the old Kirchner officer began.

"In the law, everything, out of the law, nothing, I do not agree with Carriage, I agree with my principles and with experience, I do not know For all those here are how much unfortunately it was kill or give an order to shoot off an offender. I had to do it several times and I had never had any problems. As I have always acted properly and the offender was killed and the victim was saved, "said Berni.

After reviewing her heroic action, Berni criticized the Bullrich protocol. "This does not come to give any answer. It would be good to discuss background issues and not smoke bombs. An article has been downloaded with subjective elements. What is not subjective, as offenders with toy weapons, has already provided in law. There's nothing new"Berni closed.

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