Thursday , August 11 2022

Section 2: the game offers missions and treasure hunts


When in 2016 Ubisoft published Division, went to an unknown territory, a multi-player role-playing video games online (called MMORPG, for its acronym in English) t. The idea is to make group missions to defeat the enemy of the day and get a better boost.

Although she had received good criticism, the weakest points were the low range of enemies and the limited content at the time of release. With the release of different patches and content to download, the game took the correct form.

For the launch of this sequence, the French studio noted what went from its place and developed one of the best games that have been so far in 2019.

Tom Clancy's Division 2 in the same post-apocalyptic universe where biological attack has disarmed society pillars, but in another city: Washington it replaces the snow New York.

Maintains the role play part (RPG). You have to constantly find weapons improvements to have a chance to survive on the streets. Every mission to perform is a promise of a better shoe or loot, as they say in English, so you have to constantly update.

The game also unlocks capabilities achieved through points or the completion of secondary objectives. Like Division is raised in the universe military stories of the prolific author Tom Clancyall of these improvements relate to military technology. For example, drone helps us fight.

Superficial a shooter with a third person camera. But it's not reflective with errors. This time, the variety of enemies – from the basics, goes by those who struggle in hand, grenade launchers, snipers, experts who use technology to "Tanks" that can take a lot of damage – and artificial intelligence is an interesting challenge to the player.

The game invite to go around the city. Amongst their abandoned cars, forgotten suitcases and rugs of garbage bags are stories to know that give context and loot to find what improves the character.

Section 2 You can play individually or with associates to make the missions with you. This does not make it difficult for a dentist, but it is an opportunity not to die so often.

It 's full content The first moment, with dozens of secondary trips, a main campaign lasting between 35 and 40 hours, hundreds of weapons to find it and it had already been announced that it will have a year t from content to free download to enjoy once everything is finished.

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