Thursday , December 3 2020

Sebastián Estevanez apologized with Calu Rivero to ignore his complaint against Juan Darthés

After the complaint for breaking that Thelma Fardín yesterday yesterday Juan Darthés, with the support of the combined Actresses Ariannin, The Sebastián Estevanez joined the hashtag # MiráCómoNosPonemos and decided to publish a dedicated tweet to Calu Rivero, his former partner in Sweet sweetheart. "Cali, I apologize to public., the actor wrote on his Twitter account, but did not mention Darthés or Fardín.

Mab Quique Estevanez, director of the Telefe novel, Sebastián was the capital city Sweet sweetheart next to Carina Zampini. In 2012, full of the strip's success and when its character (Natasha) rising totally, Calu left the fiction incredibly.

Rumors began to circulate about alleged harassment on behalf of Darthés, who shared strong sex scenes with them. But any of his colleagues resigned this version, which ended in the months.

However, in 2017, Rivero revealed what he had to face with the actor. And by announcing what happened in public, he now received some support and sympathy of former colleagues. Although not at all. By the case, Eva or Dominici He rejected his words and then repented in these days.

"I did not record with them, I've crossed Calu a few times with Calu. With Juan he was recording, but not with them (as a couple). Hopefully they can talk and agree, if possible. That's not that I'm making my asshole, I'm bringing you to my children that I do not know", ending Estevanez at that time.

Video: Sweethearted Love – 2012

In light of events, today its message is different.

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