Wednesday , June 29 2022

Santiago del Moro revealed that he was drashed that he lived on the same day that Macri interviewed


In his last program is over "Amazing", The Santiago del Moro He revealed a personal drash who lived the same day he interviewed Mauricio Macri before the elections o 2017.

During his farewell, the driver responded to questions made by panellists who were flying on America TV. Beyond expressing his opinion on what the President said to him, the anecdote journalist that includes his wife revealed: that day I had lost pregnancy.

"That note did not go. And look what I'm saying … That note went to make another colleague and they chose me. I'll tell you that she's life and I never talk about my private life, "she started her story.

"But that day, with Maria, my wife, we got pregnancy. After that moment, it is to make the note with the President of the Nation. That's a bit touching life, because of life is that. It's good and bad and that's what nobody sees, "he said.

Farewell of Santiago del Moro in "Wonders"

Del Moro drew attention to his work: "I am professional, I have to continue to go, and that is what I did. Today, I tell us from a distance, but it was a very painful concern. But it's life. "

The departure of Santiago del Moro finds rumors about bass to Telefe, where he would be leading an entertainment program. There is talk about "Who wants to be a millionaire?" or return "Play with me", and the bike that was popular Cris Morena in the 90's.

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