Monday , July 4 2022

Sandra Bullock acts on stage with "Bird Box"


The increasing presence of women in the cinema, front behind and behind the camera, is a reality actress Sandra Bullock She is convinced that there is nothing left.

The chat, in the Berlin hotel, turns around his new film, "Bird Box," directed by the Susanne Bier Danish, who opens Netflix today. But he's next to lunch and Bullock wants to make things clear. "The vagina is waiting, I said that, I said the word vagina!" She repeatedly entertaining in answering the questions about a recent women's journey in the cinema and the pressures that many of the industry have accomplished.

"We're not going anywhere, the thing will be level and it will be comfortable and desirable. Everyone will play well inside the same box, that's what I'll do; believe it will happen, "fired an actress as a success as a success "Speed" (1994) and the Oscar winner "The Dark Side" (2009).

German capital arrived to talk about "Bird box", A post-apocalyptic story where he plays a woman and two children are trying to save themselves, years after an invisible presence has led to suicide in almost every society.

The film is produced by Netflix and is available today for its users.

With regard to this new cultural practice of home audiences in the computer, Bullock says: "Changes are always happening. We had black and white movies and no sound; then the sound came and everyone went crazy, we do not want to see sound in the movies! It's a lovely thing for an actor to see that a platform gives us these work opportunities (…) to create, before the studies could get so many movies that you could have with two hands, and that year ".

The expert Susanne Bier ("Serena", "Brodyr") is the one who gives Bullock's narrative skill to do it in this post-apocalyptic legend that the critics give our wings and our pledge is hypnotic and with a stunning soundtrack, which is responsible for Reznor a Ross.

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