Tuesday , January 26 2021

Sagra went out to put the chest into a terrible badge and ensured that they would fight until the end

The defeat against Defense of Justice was a harsh blow for everyone in La Citadel. Although supporters rejected the team with approval, the focus of the tension was in the wardrobe area.

A group of supporters shaken the silence. He shouted against the training staff and the players and even tried to attack Roberto Sagra. So, the president decided to go out to put the chest into the complex situation. "15 or 20 people were drunk and ordered that they wanted to uninstall everything. I went to walk with my son and they came into my car. I will not tolerate that, I will be against them. going to create problems, I will ask the Police to dispose of the club whoever causes harassment. It is strange that there are some political actors who did not go to court On Friday when we were doing well, "said Sagra, who got LG Deportiva at home.

San Martin did not start because he wanted this in 2019, but in Bolivar and Pellegrini, although the situation was complicated, nothing was lost. So, Sagra came out to support him Gastón Coyette.

"I think it's time to support this training staff. When Gastón arrived, San Martín did not play anything, it did not create scoring situations and there were players who could not complete 90. Despite that, he worked, he gave us an identity and, although we are not really right, we have a team today who gives a battle, "he says, grieves points that slipped to the team and today would have given some other air. "We lost the Newell game that was not in anybody's plans and then, despite playing very well against Tiger, we came to the end to take a picture in the final."

But of course, the shot took Friday night against the "Falcon" deep breath. It was a direct blow to heart. However, Sagra asked the fans a bit quiet. "We played against the team that possibly played better in the country, the game was fired and unfortunately we lost it in the end, but do not lower your arms. San Martin championed the season This is for Superliga and trying to stand against teams that have been playing at this level for a long time and have combined processes. We have to bet on long processes that allow us to achieve that stability. "

In a year and a half of the mandate, the instruction commission led by Sagra to get the "Santo" into the highest category and is now fighting for the first time continuation in the story. According to him, all this was achieved based on analysis and constant work. "Everything is evaluated here, always looking for the best for the club. We make the best decisions we think we chose from the partners and if they think we're not doing things right, they will have another option in 2020, "he confirmed and went further. "We will continue to work. We are far from many clubs, but we do not want it to be so. We're going to fight the category and try to grow organizational and sport."

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