Sunday , January 23 2022

Rosario Hospitals adhere to skin cancer prevention campaign


The Public Health Ministry joins the national dermatological management campaign organized by the Argentine Dermatology Association (SAD) and recalls the essential care to prevent skin cancer. The activities are part of a week to prevent skin cancer.

The controls will take place until Friday 23rd November at the Carrasco hospitals (Bv. Avellaneda 1402) or 8.30 to 11 unsolicited calls, Provincial (Alem 1450) from 8 to 12 unwanted calls, and Centenario (Urquiza 3100) requesting a shift to & # 39; r 4307185. The activities will take place along with the Provincial Ministry of Health, through its Cancer Management Agency.

In addition, on Sunday 25 in Calle Recreativa hours (8.30 to 12.30), in Bv. Afon River, the Rosario Dermatological Civil Society, will conduct preventative activities and provide information on skin care.


– In order to avoid skin problems, you should get the following care

– Avoid the direct exposure of the sun between 10 and 16 hours

– Babies should not be exposed to the sun until they are one year old

– Use a sunscreen and renew every two hours

– Protect yourself from the sun by wearing caps and glasses

– Pay attention to skin changes and go to the dermatologist once a year

– Change of appearance on the skin is the first sign of melanoma. It is therefore important to know where the moles appear and their appearance.

Amongst the most important recommendations to keep in mind, experts talk about the ABCDE rule:

– disagreement; half is different from the other half.

– Edge; irregular, wavy or poorly defined.

– Color; variation from one area to another; different shades of brown and black; sometimes white, red or blue.

– Diameter; Although melanoma is usually more than 6mm (the size of the pencil extinguisher) when it is diagnosed, it can be less.

– Evolution; a minor mirror or skin that looks different from the rest or a change in size, shape or color.

– Other changes that may show melanoma are pain, grow or bleed in a small area or a new spot on the skin.

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