Monday , November 30 2020

Roof or stalls, shop and location, the other Atlético wins

Atlético won the Superliga at La Bombonera and not only restored the smile but the third (even if it's split) in the table. At Atletico after the tournament, he's analyzed and still wonders if he has Mario Leito in the presidency and a Ricardo Zielinski, in the bench of substitutes. Future athletics is even far from trying to leave the centers so that there are still many types Athletics.

The progress in the work of the new grandstand is an example of this. Yesterday, they install part of the structures at the bottom of the grandstand, which is the closest to finish.

"The first part is to expand the sector three. If the weather helps us and there are no other problems, it will be open for the game against the River", predict. Ignacio Golobiski, the second vice president of the club. "The seats may not be there for that day but the mistress is sure," added the leader on the game marked for Sunday, March 10.

SCENARIOS On one side, the club's official official shop facade. On the other hand, the clearance in San Andrés, for the property.

The above one is a sector and it will take a little longer, according to Golobiski. "We have to think in another 30 or 40 days. Complete this tournament or out in the Super League Cup," he explained.

The roam will take place for 2,200 new fans who have been able to get one of these places for a while.

Close there, a few meters away and within the Monumental one, on Thursday night the new store of Atlético was opened: DKmania. "You'll see the official clothes and goods of Deca," Leito warned his official Twitter account (@ marioaleito). It's located in the hall which was also refurbished for this season.

In the second week of February, clearance of the 20 hectares purchased in San Andrés had begun. The place will have 10 courts, a shelter, dining room, gym, changing rooms and a detailed room room club, but did not appoint the completion date of the work.

Everything for that Athletics. The one that comes in a few years but some of these things are needed to continue to stay First and fight for an additional prize.

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