Sunday , December 5 2021

Roger Waters was declared Guest of Honor of the city of Buenos Aires


"It's more like a human than as an artist"With the simple sentence of the former Malvinas extinguisher July Set summarize a high level of commitment to social causes before leader of legendary band Pink Floyd.

The story began when the Editorial Director of Infobae, Gabriela Cociffi, The family and Julio Aro undertook the fight for the identity of those who were lost. Before the difficulties in moving on a process that needed a fluid understanding and dialogue between Argentina and Great Britain, he chose to ask Waters for help. Almost unexpectedly, he dedicated himself to the cause and went on to worktalk to them ambassadors, politicians a international organizations up to the end between each one, he achieved the objective.

In the presence of the deputy chief government, Diego Santilli, the Secretary of Human Rights, Claudio Avruj, nain Plaza de Mayo, Stele of Carlotto, relatives of those who have fallen, representatives of the The Red Cross and former fighters, Waters received the difference claiming they were "have to move deep"

"Years ago I received an email from Gaby Cociffi explaining to me what was happening, "Waters said during his speech, and in many talks he once wrote to the Legislative Assembly of the islands, according to him, in that letter he asked them to consider how difficult it would be to & 39; and his grandmother, who lost their men in the First World War and the Second World War, did not know where their bodies were resting. His words probably have some effect.

"The whole team managed to overcome the resistance that was on the other side of the Atlantic"he said, and explained that he was considering his role as"very small"In the epic, he also bothered the public:"We are 20, but we'll arrive"

In conclusion of his speech, he emphasized the importance of "no more leakage of blood"in a territorial dispute."Today, here is a deep anti-war sentence"he said.

As well as Gaby Cociffi and Julio Aro, they also received diplomas recognition for their homework Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team, the team of The Red Cross, y Commission of relatives of Deficiency in Malvinas a Rights Secretary Human.

In that sense, the secretary Claudio Avruj He promised that the State State will continue with family trips to the islands as more bodies are identified. "In Human Rights, one of the pillars is the repair and humans are not anonymous"he said.

The ceremony, held at the Golden Hall of the Legislation, began with a musical interpretation of it Alejandro Lerner, who sang a song that composed four days after the war began. The closure was responsible for Raúl Porchetto. "This song was banned during the war," explained before singing the Queen's Mum.

After dinner ended, Gaby Cociffi acknowledged that she did not give a speech because she knew he would break tears. "The most important thing is to feel the pain of the other. If we all do that, everything is changing. I do not have a person died in Malvinas, as they always ask me, I have 649"it came to an end.

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